Thursday, 28 July 2011

Argyle Socks

I finished Dom's socks! :) He's really pleased with them and has already worn then a couple of times in the evening when he gets cold toes. He likes the yarn (Cygnet Superwash DK) as he says it keeps his toes toasty with out being too warm.  It was also my first attempt at colourwork! So I got tangled a lot at first, but I got the hang of it eventually :) I also went down a needle size for the ribbing around the top as one of Dom's pet hates is loose socks.
So that's another WiP finished and out of the way! I still have the cable wristwarmers, rosebud socks, lacy scarf and of course Lauriel. I've started on the wristwarmers though :) This winter is going to be my warmest!
I must also direct you towards this photo of me that Dom took when we went for a picnic with his mum and little sister on Tuesday. He says I have three faces; neutral, smiley and mardy! lol I think the photo he took perfectly captured my mardy frowny face. I also think its quite a nice photo, which is odd as I don't usually like photo's of myself! I'm getting better at looking at photo's of me :)
I'd also like to say a big thank you to Sarah for passing me the Liebster Award!
Now I must admit, I didn't actually know what this award was for. Of course it's always lovely to get an award from a fellow blogger, but it's even lovelier when I know what it's for! :) So after some googling, I found this explanation here.

"The Liebster is a award for those who have less than 300 Google followers but deserves a lot more recognition and following than what they currently get. They are the unsung heroes of the blogsphere, plugging away in their little corner, churning out fantastic work and we need to do something to help them get some publicity."

Thank you Sarah! :) I also feel like I can pass it on now I know what it's for! So I'd like to pass it along to:
Krafty Kat
Laura: in a tangle
The Snake's Hips

I love these blogs, they definitely deserve more attention! :)
Ashley x
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  1. Awww thank you so much for the award Ashley! I love the idea of being an unsung hero of the blogosphere :) Also, I LOVE these socks. I am thinking handy presents for men! So I have questions which you may or may not already have answered in your blog (sorry if I'm being blind!)...which pattern did you use? Did you use circular needles? How long did it take you roughly to do each sock? And is the two colour thingy really really fiddly or was it worthwhile? (this would be my first time with 2 colours as well!). Also, how thick are they - too thick for everyday wear do you think? Sorry for hogging your comments box with all my questions...! x

  2. You're welcome! :)
    I got the pattern from a knitting class, but it's just a basic toe up sock. Here is a how to on Ravelry (you'll have to sign up to Ravelry to view it, but it's worth it!):

    I used 4mm dpn's, as thats what I got at the knitting class. You can also use two circular needles.
    The colour work was actually easier than it looks! I used a chart from Toe up socks for everybody. I was lucky and found a chart in there that was for the number of stitches that I had on each needle! :) Or you could even make up your own pattern with some graph paper! That way you can make sure it will work with the number of stitches that you have. If you search youtube for 'stranding knitting' or 'colourwork knitting' there are loads of great tutorials.
    The ones I made are too think for every day wear I think. Your shoes would be a bit tight I think :) But if you knit a pair in 4ply yarn instead of DK then I think they'd be ok. But they would take longer!
    I think it took about 3 or 4 days of knitting for about 2 hours each night to finish a sock. But if you knitted all day, I think you could finish one in a day! And I'm a slow knitter, and I was watching TV at the same time :)
    Hope that helps! :)
    Ashley x

  3. Arrggggg..ylle!! LOVE THEM!! Such a fantastic idea! They look so comfy!

  4. oooh those socks look proper toasty!

  5. Thanks for the tips :) I think I definitely need to sign up to Ravelry, it sounds like they have some great patterns.

  6. Thanks Debi and Sarah :)
    You're welcome Kat :) I'm no expert, but I'm always happy to try and help. I'm in love with Ravelry! My only problem is that my project queue keeps growing! lol
    Ashley x

  7. The socks are looking great! Can't wait to see what else you do.

  8. My friend recently took up knitting and your pictures reminded me of her today. We don't get together as often as we like as she moved many miles away recently. Thank you for reminding me of her today ;-)


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