Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Selvedge as stay tape

Have you ever run out of stay tape and forgotten to pick some more up? Well, if you trim the selvedge from your fabric you can use that! I used the selvedge edge instead of stay tape on my Crescent skirts, and they hold up really well to everything I throw at them! 
I decided to stay the waist and midriff seams of the dress I'm working on (V8648) as the midriff pieces and some of the bodice pieces are cut on the bias. As the skirt is a circle skirt, it'll be pretty hefty, so I want the waist seams to be able to hold it up without sagging. So I went to my growing collection of selvedge tape and used that :) I zig-zagged it onto the seam allowance just as you would with stay tape.
Plus, I love those little dots of colour! Though I did make sure to sew it to the side of the seam allowance that would be facing in, just in case you see the dots through the fabric.
Oh, and I finally remembered! I got another Versatile blogger award from Lucy of Tricky Seams! Thank you Lucy! As I find it difficult to think of things about myself, I'll refer you back to my first post about the award here. Thanks again Lucy!
Have a lovely Tuesday! :)
Ashley x


  1. you are very skillful with the sewing machine :) I still don't know how to sew a button onto pants LOL :) Okay, I know how to do that... but there is NO WAY I could EVER do that on a sewing machine :)

  2. Haha, thanks :) Practise makes perfect! Well, almost perfect lol
    Ashley x


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