Saturday, 2 July 2011

June - Finished Projects

This month has been a knitting month. I lost my sewing mojo after the exams, so started knitting more. I've definitely improved with my knitting though, I'm getting more confident with following patterns :) I can even follow a chart!

I really need to try and be more productive! I'm usually dressed and have had breakfast by about 9.30am so really have no excuse but laziness for my lack of finished projects this month! So my aim for this month is to try and get more sewing in. Knitting can be for the evenings as I really need some summer dresses. You know, in case we actually have a summer this year. lol
Ashley x


  1. Wow that's a lot of knitting! I bet it comes in useful in a couple of months lol :)

  2. Well done you!!

    I tend to sew in an afternoon and then knit/crochet in front of the TV in an evening.

    S x

  3. Defintely Hayley! I'll probably be sewing summer dresses in winter, but I'll be plenty warm enough! lol
    That's what I want to do Sarah, it's just making the mojo co-operate! lol
    Ashley x


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