Sunday, 31 July 2011

Almost done!

The zipper is in and top stitched! Though the top stitching was a pain to do. I nearly gave up for today. It just didn't want to stay nice and flat and kept puckering. An iron only helped so much, but it is only a summer dress after all. It goes up and down, and is nice and strong so I'll just be happy with that :) 
If I make this dress again, I'll cut the midriff pieces on the grain. Trying to top stitch over the bias cut midriff pieces was the hardest part, as it's made funny diagonal folds. 
Not my best zipper insertion, but I suppose I'll just keep practising :) Oh and note to self, top stitching the zipper obviously makes the bodice smaller, so next time top stitch the zipper before taking in the side seams! I wasn't happy with the waist, as in I didn't have one! So I took in 2 inches after pinching about that much out while wearing it. But of course when the zipper got top stitched, fabric was pulled in to cover the zipper. So there's a little less fabric in the bodice. It's not tight exactly, but it's certainly closer fitting than I originally intended! Lesson learned :)
Now there's just the hem! But I'm going to wait for Dom to help me mark the hem to make sure it's straight :)
Ashley x
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  1. Hey, I'm not v good at zippers either! As in, "whoops that's got to be ripped out & re-done!"

    It looks fine & I love the fabric!

  2. why are zips such a pain?!! looks great and fab fabric. we have the weather for it now. xx

  3. It's looking good - love the fabric and looking forward to seeing you modelling it!!

    S x


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