Saturday, 23 July 2011

Lauriel - update

Doesn't look like much right?
Close up of leaves
Look, it's a sleeve cap!
It's doesn't look like much right now, as it hard to tell what you're looking at. It's all bunched up on the needles. I'm not knitting even close to the largest size, and I'm struggling with so many stitches on 80cm needles! So I checked, and yep that's what the pattern recommends. That's the only complaint I've had so far. The rest is well written and so easy to understand that I haven't had a problem! (Yet!) Oh  but I was using split ring stitch markers, and they were so wide that were making ladders between the stitches! So I made some loops from scrap yarn and they're much better :) I'll get some better stitch markers soon I hope. 
Have you been knitting lately?
Ashley x
ps. With my blogger followers, google subscribers and bloglovin followers, I hit 100 today!! I've got a giveaway planned, so look out for it! :D Thank you all so much!


  1. So pretty! knitting lace is my favorite. I tried making some socks, but got confused at the heel turning instructions. I ought to give it another try.

  2. Thanks :) I've started a lace pair of socks, I can't wait to finish them!
    You really should, socks are so fun to knit. I recommend youtube for tutorials on how to turn a heel. It's so much easier to see it than to read it :)
    Ashley x

  3. Oooh, It's looking good!!

    Well done on the 100 followers!!

    I'm knitting bloomers for my bunny - it's in 4ply though and s-l-o-w!!

    S x

  4. Thank you :) Aww, I bet the bloomers are so cute!
    Ashley x


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