Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Giveaway winner!!!

For the last giveaway I used a random number generator to pick the winner. But Dom moaned about it, telling me computers can never be random blah blah blah and that I should have written all of the names down and put them in a bowl, then picked one from that. So this time, that's what I did. I let Dom do the picking, he closed his eyes, put his hand in the bowl, shuffled around  for a while (to mix them up, he said) and finally pulled a folded piece of paper out.

And the winner is. . . .


Law chose the Rooibos dress from Colette, so she can perhaps join the sewalong over at the Colette blog :) So as it's for the sewalong, instead of getting it delivered to me, wrapping it in pretty paper and then sending it to Law, I've decided to send it straight to Law instead so it's there in time for when she needs it. Plus, Backstitch wraps their packages up real pretty anyway :)
So Law, if you could drop me an email with your address via the 'Contact me' bit on my blogger profile, I'll get that sent to you sharpish :)
Thank you to everyone who entered, I really appreciate it! I wish I could send you all a pattern, but I don't think my bank balance would be too happy about it! lol I enjoyed reading all of your choices too, and of course Dom had to have a nosey as well! :)
Thanks again, and congrats to Law :)
Ashley x


  1. Well done Law!! That is a gorgeous dress!

  2. Well done Law, good pattern choice!!

    S x

  3. OMG I can't beleive I won. Big happy smiley face :o)

    Am emailing you pronto!!!


Thanks for the comment!


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