Wednesday, 3 August 2011

An hour a day - Day 1-3

After all of your lovely encouraging comments on Monday's post, I've have decided to go head and share what I do with my hour of sewing a day. By sewing for an hour a day, I will make constant progress on whatever sewing project I'm working on. The hour can include any sewing activity, from cutting out a pattern to making adjustments. Hopefully my productivity will be much better this month! :)

Day 1
I spent 15 minutes measuring and marking the length on the circle skirt of V8648. Then I spent 10 minutes cutting along the line I marked. I was really surprised at how much the bias parts had stretched out! Then I spent the rest of my hour pressing the hem up by 3/4 of an inch and pinning it as I went along. Yep, that part took ages!

Day 2
It took me 15 minutes to sew the hem, taking pins out as I went. Then it took me an extra 5 minutes to redo the last part, as the bobbin thread ran out! I hate it when that happens! I trimmed off the excess close to the stitching, which took me 15 minutes. Then I spent 10 mintues pressing the hem, then pressing it up so it would be a nice neat narrow hem :) It then took me 10 minutes to sew around the hem one final time :) I spent the last 5 minutes tidying up. 

Day 3
Then today, I sewed the top of the zipper tape down inside the dress, and gave it a final press. Finished!! I plan on wearing it to go home for the afternoon as it's really hot! :)
I'll try and get some photo's of me in it tomorrow :) I'm really pleased with it, and even Dom said it fits really nicely.
Also, today it is 2 weeks since I have used shampoo or conditioner! Before this I washed and conditioned my hair everyday and it was becoming a little worse for wear. Dom had already given up shampoo and conditioner and he had gotten past the gross stage, and he now has lovely soft smooth clean hair :) His hair now cares for itself! I left mine about 4 days, only using water. It was really greasy and gross, and I was itching to wash it. But instead of using shampoo, I mixed about 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with about 500ml of water. This was the shampoo. I poured it over wet hair and scrubbed my head and hair. I made my hair feel really smooth. After rinsing thoroughly, it was time for conditioner. I mixed about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey with 500ml of water and poured it over my hair. I rinsed thoroughly after working the lemon and honey mixture through really well. So far I'm really pleased with the results! My hair is clean and soft :) I've been using the baking soda mixture with the lemon and honey mixture about every third day. And the lemon and honey mixture is great for in between. For now, this is working really well. Some people prefer to use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice, but lemon juice is working fine for me so far so I'm sticking to it. If you want to know more google "no 'poo method" and there's lots of info available :)
What about you? Would you try the no 'poo method? Or do you think it sounds gross?
Ashley x


  1. Yay! Looking forward to seeing pictures of you wearing the dress! I'm not completely convinced by the no-shampoo method, however it is an interesting topic as I do notice that the condition of my hair varies a lot depending on what I use. For me Head and Shoulders is a winner...leaves my hair much softer and non-greasy than expensive shampoos from the hairdresser!!!

  2. Thanks :) My hair has always been frizzy, and I'm already noticing that it isn't as frizzy as it was. My hair also doesn't seem to change much with different shampoos either. But according to other peoples experiences, the worst is yet to come! :S So we'll see if I stick with it. I haven't gotten rid of the shop bought shampoo and conditioner yet, just in case! :)
    Ashley x

  3. Yay for an hour a day! :)
    As for "no poo"... my son has dreads and hasn't used shampoo for about 6 years now. I can't say it is shiny but it certainly doesn't smell bad and appears to be pretty strong!

  4. :D It's working well so far.
    Wow, 6 years?! I love dreads, but they would never suit me at all! lol Good to know about the smell, I get a slight whiff of lemon from the rinse, but it wouldn't be enough to cover a bad smell!
    Ashley x

  5. H'intriguing. I'm not sure I'd get through the gross stage to be quite honest! I've discovered, rather to my bank balance's satisfaction, that the Boots' own-brand almond and coconut range seem to work for me. The conditioner is a leave-in spray, which definitely helps.

    I'm definitely a bicarb fan though. Nice fatty bacon pan? Poof, all grease gone, juste comme ca!

    In sewing news, it would probably have taken me about two hours to hem a skirt that size as well. I'm feeling better already. Really looking forward to seeing the final pictures :-)

  6. Sounds like you've gotten a fair amount of sewing done for your short time span, and congrats on finishing the dress. :-)

    As for not using shampoo, I could see switching to a more nature-based shampoo, but I don't think I could commit to no shampoo.

  7. Can't wait to see the dress on!!

    I looked into the no poo method a while back but never did any more than research it. I understand it's particularly good for people with curly/wavy/frizzy hair and can make your hair amazing.

    My hair is waist length so needs conditioner to enable me to get a comb through, does the honey/lemon conditioner get rid of tangles?

    S x

  8. Thanks Lucy :) Nice to know I'm not too different time-wise. Ooh, I'd never thought to use it on greasey pans. Dom sometimes uses it when he cleans the shower, bit more friendly to the lungs than cillet bang! lol
    Thnaks Countrygirlcouture :) I've had success with shampoo's and conditioner from Lush. Much more natural, and they smell divine!
    Hi Sarah, I've definitely had less tangles! It's not nearly waist length (wow! I'm so jealous!) but there's certainly been an improvement. I've also been a bit more gentle with the towel drying too which seems to have helped :)
    Ashley x


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