Friday, 12 August 2011

Snapdragon tam and gloves

So Dom went back to Derby this morning. We were up at 4.30 again, though I'd been awake since 3.30 dreading him leaving. I know, I know, I'm a wuss! lol Today hasn't been so bad so far though. I held it together when I got back from seeing him off, and had cleaned and tidied everything by 7am. Not bad. Then there was food shopping to do. Thankfully it wasn't too heavy to carry as there's only me to shop for. Then I went to Spins and Needles to treat myself to a new project to work on while Dom's away. I'm glad that he came back on Tuesday, as it was kind of a trial run for me. So I wasn't as anxious and upset this time, I know I'll be fine :)
Anyway onto the loot!

I've wanted the Whimsical Little Knits books by Ysolda for a while. So after looking through both, I went for the second book in the series as I loved the Snapdragon patterns :) There's a hat and matching gloves, which will be so cute! The yarn is Essentials merino DK by Rico Designs. Three balls is enough for both projects, and if not there was plenty left at the shop. I also finally picked up some proper stitch markers. Aren't they pretty? I love that they're locally made too :)
I also treated myself to a Starbucks caramel latte on the way home. I regretted it, I should have bought a bag of my favourite beans and made my own instead! It would've only cost 60p more for enough beans to last me the week! I blame Dom for turning me into a coffee snob! ;)
Have a lovely weekend!
Ashley x
ps. Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post! I really appreciate it, I wasn't to sure about the finished dress. But you lovely lot made me feel so much better, and now I love it more than ever!


  1. aww, goodbyes are always tough. Crafty retail therapy helps tho :-)

  2. I "second" Sarah's comment.

    Make sure to treat yourself to a sweet cup of tea and a chick-flick while starting up your cute new tam. :)

  3. Crafty retail therapy has done wonders! :) Today hasn't dragged by at all. I'm 10 rounds in and it's pretty already! Ooh, a sweet cuppa is good idea :) Hmm, now for a film . . .
    Ashley x

  4. He'll be back before you know it, try and enjoy the "you" time.

    Love the stitch markers!!

    Going to check that book out....

    S x

  5. The yarn is lovely, can't wait to see it knitted up...


Thanks for the comment!


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