Tuesday, 9 August 2011

V8648 - Finished!!

Yay, finally took some photos! Sorry about the back shot though, not sure what made it blow out like that. I can only assume the sun came out all of a sudden. And of course because it's a circle skirt, it had be shown off! Twirling is so much fun, especially as I had to do it so many times to get good shots! There were lots of out takes :) Including a few that were ok apart from you could see too much leg! lol
I'm pleased with it and will wear it if it ever stops being windy! I can wear my slip under it though, so that should help.
Also new shoes! :) I've liked the brogue style shoes for a while, but Dom always said they were to manly. I finally persuaded him otherwise the other day. Also, my feet have grown!! Which means that all of my shoes but one pair were all too small! So I needed new ones. So the shoes I got for birthday? Too small. The Keds I bought for myself? Too small. My new shoes feel strange because I'm having to get used to shoes that aren't too small! My old shoes were a 4. The new shoes are a 6 with insoles to take em down to a 5.5. Trust me to be a half size! Also, my right foot is smaller than my left, so I had to get some of those stick in insole things for the heel part of the shoe. They're really comfy and don't pinch my toes! :)
I'm feeling much more cheerful today, I think I was just over tired like a child yesterday! lol And thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday, they really cheered me up! Of course, it also helps that Dom is coming home TODAY!! :D The store messed up, so there aren't any stock deliveries to be put away until Friday! So he's going back on Friday and staying until the next Friday. And the store left it till yesterday afternoon to try and book them a hotel, so all the cheap ones were fully booked. So he get's to stay in a reeeally fancy hotel instead! The lucky bugger! So yes, a good sleep helps :)
More later! :)
Ashley x


  1. Yay! What a pretty, swirly dress! It looks bee-yoo-ti-ful.

  2. Oooh, I LOVE it. Dom's right as well - the fit is spot on!

    As for the shoes:
    1) Brogues are awesome, and don't have to be manly, and those aren't
    2) Even if they were manly then it's you wearing them and not Dom so he should mind his own beeswax :-p
    3) Half sizes can be a pain, but I refused to be trumped on the awkward-to-fit feet just yet!


  3. That is so pretty Ashley. Some nice twirling action going on in those pics :o)

  4. That turned out super cute! It looks like it fits really well. :-)

    And don't worry, I think we all feel a bit sad when our mate leaves--I'll be in the same boat soon, and I miss him already. LOL!

    Your feet grew?! Crazy! Mine haven't grown (other than getting wider when I was pregnant) since my early teens. Congrats on getting shoes that fit though--pinched toes are no fun. :-(

  5. Absolutely gorgeous dress! Just made for twirling too. And I love it with the brogues! Hope you get many non windy days to enjoy wearing it!

  6. I LOVE it! So pretty and it fits you perfectly :) Also, I am a big fan of brogues, although I haven't got round to buying any yet but they are on my wish list :) x

  7. Wow, it fits you perfectly!! Love the circle skirt!!

    If Dom is staying in a fancy hotel, I'd certainly join him if I were you, I did the same with Mr G when he had to work in Singapore for 10 days - I spent the days laying in, sunbathing, swimming and shopping - bliss!!

    S x

  8. You are so busy completing things. I am envious. Maybe it helps having the significant other away?! But I'd rather have mine near, even if it means less sewing/knitting gets done...

  9. Twirly! :D
    Well done!
    It would be extra-cute with lacey ankle socks and those brogues I think!

  10. I love it Ashley, it's so pretty. Can't beat a twirly skirt.

    Lisa xoxo

  11. Thank you so much everyone! I can't wait to wear it out so I can twirl around everywhere!
    Thanks Lucy :) Well, the insoles were only £3 which is a small price to pay for comfy shoes.
    Aww, I know what you mean Countrygirlcouture, he's leaving again tomorrow and I'm missing him already!
    I agree Noregrets, I'd rather have him here! It makes me realise how long the days are when I'm on my own.
    Ooh, great idea Roobeedoo! The great thing about having to use insoles is that I can take them out so I can wear knitted socks! I've always found knitted socks too thick to wear with shoes, but maybe thats just because my shoes have been too small for a while. I'll keep a look out for a cute pattern :)
    Ashley x

  12. Ooo - what a gorgeous dress!!!

    I know what you mean about being a half-size in shoes...I'm a 6.5 and it's impossible to find shoes that fit me well!

    Thanks for the tip about thread, I think I may have to bite the bullet and just pay the mucho expensivo price for quality thread!!!


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