Friday, 26 August 2011

Hmm, 7 things. . .

I've been passed the Versatile blogger award by Reana Louise at Curves, Patterns, and Pins! Thank you so much! :D So, I have to think of 7 things about myself that you don't know. Hmm. . .

1. I like flowers. A lot. We don't have them in the house/flat/whatever because Dom gets hayfever from flowers. I love orchids, carnations, lily's and of course roses :)
2. Talking of hay fever, I get hayfever from trees. I can always tell when we're getting close to trees in the summer because my eyes start to water. Lovely!
3. I played Alice in my primary school production of Alice in Wonderland. Yep, I was a brown haired Alice. Before we found out our parts, everyone was excited about who was going to play Alice. Everyone assumed it would be one of the two blonde girls in our class. Nope, it was brown haired me. Unfortunately I can't share a short video with you as its set to private on my mum's facebook page. I also don't have any photos. I'll share them if I remember to ask mum for a couple :)
4. I've had the same mobile phone for ages! Seriously, I think it's been at least 4 years. I've never been bothered about the latest high-tech phone. Its calls, it textes, I'm happy! :)
5.  Some of my favourite films include: Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, A Clockwork Orange, Watchmen, Sin City, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Inception, Shutter Island, Kill Bill 1&2. I also watched The Godfather for the first time last night, I loved it! :) Oh, and Fight Club. I could watch that film over and over! Looking back at the list, they're all quite violent and a bit bloody (or in the case of Kill Bill, a lot bloody!). I blame Dom for this. Since living with him, my choice of films has been influenced by him a lot. Though I still refuse to watch the end of I Am Legend. I don't like zombie films, and only just managed to make it to the end of 28 days later. Oh, I also liked The Road, but it was very sad. I liked the book too.
6. I love big scary rollercoasters! I scream the whole time, but will always go on again. I went on the Mumbo Jumbo (the steepest rollercoaster in the world) at Flamingo Land 7 times in a row. However, this was not entirely my choice. When my 8 year old sister discovered she was tall enough to ride, she wanted a go. So I took her on and held her hand the whole time. We got off, and she decided she wanted to go on again. And again. And again. . .until we had been on 7 times and it was time for the park to close! By the 3rd or 4th time, she laughed the whole time while I still screamed.
7. Cold food gives me shivers. If a meal goes cold before I finish, I can't eat the rest. It seriously freaks me out. But if it's meant to be cold like pasta salad then its ok. But it's meant to be hot, then I just can't eat it. I know, I have issues. lol

Ok, now to pass it along! :)
Marie from A Sewing Odyssey
Jean-Mary from Meanyjar

So there you go! :)

Thank you for your advice and comments on my last post. I did go into town on Monday and I now have enough nice clothes to last me the week! Woo! I also now have a colour scheme so everything goes with something to make an outfit. I also took a look at the fabric I have, and it will all fit very nicely into my new wardrobe :) I learnt a lot about what suits me, as I tried on *everything*!! I realised I can wear a higher neckline than I thought I could, and I can wear blousier tops than I thought I could. (So I'd be willing to try a Sorbetto!). I was surprised at how well things fit too. The waist was actually in the right place! And I didn't have as much trouble from my boobs as I thought I would. 
I've been enjoying getting dressed in the morning and choosing an outfit and accessories to go with it. Yes, I have accessories! :) I got much more for my money than I expected, so I got some lovely jewellery too. I didn't get any new bags, as I have enough bags. I now have two pairs of shoes that are ridiculously comfortable because they're in the right size. And I even upgraded my foundation and face powder (I've been using the cheapest I could find for ages). And the best thing is, I even have a good chunk of my budget left over! But I'm super happy with my wardrobe for now, so I probably won't spend it unless I see something I like while out and about. 
And I'll try and post about some actual sewing soon! :)
Ashley x


  1. Congrats on the bloggy award, and OMG i am envious of how amazing your new wardrobe sounds! Really pleased for you that you got enough to make you so happy, and under budget too?! well done!

  2. Thank you! :) I can't wait to add some handmade things to it :)
    Ashley x

  3. What a lovely post, I'm glad I passed it onto you! Tarantino films are some of my favourite, too! x

  4. Thanks :) I also love that he chooses to act in all of his films. I like seeing the parts he picks for himself. Never a big part, but a part I always remember :)
    Ashley x

  5. Wow, thanks for naming me for this...I've really enjoyed reading your 7 things! You and I have very similar taste in films...that must mean that we're cool right ;o)

    Also, sorry I missed your post about clothes! I'm so glad that you decided to go for it and get some stuff you feel comfortable and confident in. It's such an important thing to be comfortable with the way you look, not at all a waste of money. And now that you have some great basics, you can sew a brand new wardrobe around them!

  6. Yeah we're cool kids ;) And you're welcome!
    Definitely, I can't wait to sew things that I know I'll wear now that I know what I'm comfortable in :)
    Ashley x


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