Friday, 19 August 2011

Hong Kong Finish

Those are the two side seams on my circle skirt, they need a good press though. I was about to finish them using the over lock stitch on my machine, when I decided I was going to try something new! I've never tried the Hong Kong finish before, so I made the bias binding using Colette's continuous bias tape tutorial. I made my square 12 inches instead of 10, and I'm glad I did as I only had about 6 inches left at the end! The bias tape took me a while to make, especially as my first attempt was just awful! I'm really pleased with it, though I don't think I'll do it on everything as it took me about an hour just for those two seams!! But for simple skirts, I think it's a nice touch :)
Ashley x


  1. That's one seam I haven't tried. Looks good.

    That fabric looks lovely too!!

    S x

  2. I haven't heard of this seam. Look forward to seeing the end result! x


Thanks for the comment!


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