Saturday, 6 August 2011

An hour a day - Day 4-6

Day 4
No real sewing today, just sewing related activity. I chose my next project! I like the circle skirt so much on V8648 that I decided I had to have another one. So I chose my circle skirt pattern. As for fabric I chose the pale green floral fabric that I originally planned to use for the Ceylon dress from Colette. But I've come to the conclusion that this fabric is too stiff for the Ceylon, so it'll be a circle skirt instead! :)
Day 5
One of those days where time runs away from me. There was food shopping to do and Dom needed a hair cut. So while Dom had his hair cut, I wandered round town and bought thread and a zipper for the skirt. Now, the thread and zipper don't look like they match at all, but when the thread is laid over the fabric, it's perfect! Bizarre! 
Day 6
Today I spent a couple of hours patching a couple of holes in Dom's favourite jeans. The denim I used as patches is from another pair of Dom's jeans that he cut into shorts when it was scorching about a week ago. So the patches are part of the cut off leg. Here's the biggest rip, in the knee:
The darker denim isn't as noticeable in real life :) I think I did a pretty good job, I can't even see my stitches in the photo! I used tiny little stab stitches. I also sewed a button back onto one of his shirts too. [I mistyped 'shirt' as 'skirt'!! haha!]
Also, a sneak peak of my Rosebud socks! Well, quarter of a sock so far :)
Circular needles are great for being able to try it on! :)
Ashley x


  1. I can't believe you sewed that patch on by hand! You are such a brave soul! I always rip out the side of the leg that isn't flat felled and use the sewing machine to put the patch on.

  2. Ah, you clever thing! The only reason I did it by hand was because I couldn't work out how to get at the rip with my machine! I didn't think to simply undo the side seam! Thanks! :D
    Ashley x

  3. I'm too lazy to undo the side seam! I think by hand is easier...also I'm not sure my machine could sew jeans?

    The pattern's cute & the fabric is a great choice. Enjoy!

  4. That skirt is going to look really pretty.

    I love circle skirts (they are so swooshy), but I'm too scared to cut out a full circle of fabric plus hemming it all!

  5. I think my machine could handle it, but I don't have any needles that could. Also, I pinned it in place, so it wasn't so bad :)
    Gertie has a tutorial on how to hem a circle skirt Law, it's not too hard, just time consuming!
    Ashley x


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