Friday, 21 January 2011

My first attempt at fitting

So I've made my first muslin! No pictures for you though, as you can plainly see through the muslin and I'd rather you didn't see that! I'm going to keep a look out for a stretchy white camisole top so I can wear the muslin over it and show you pictures next time.
I used the tissue fit method in Fit for real people, and it worked great! Of course, I needed Dom's help to check the fit in the back, and measure bits. I went with a size 16, though in hindsight I should have gone for the 14 for the shoulder fit.
Before I started the tissue fitting, I added 3 inches to the waist. Then the tissue fitting began, starting with the back of course! I shortened the length by 2.25 inches, and took a 0.5cm vertical tuck out of the back. I thought I had a narrow back, but I could also have started with a size 14. This made the back piece sit 'flush against my back' to use Dom's words. Now that the back was sorted I had to do the FBA. I needed a 1.5" FBA. This wasn't as scary as I thought it would be :)
I sewed up the muslin and tried it on. In fabric the shoulders were waaay to wide, 2.75 inches too wide to be exact. Also the bust apex was too low in fabric. And it hit my waist with no seam allowance left.
So for my second muslin I need to:
-move the shoulders 2.75" in, tapering down to 1" in at the neckline (if that makes sense)
-adjust the darts to work with the new bust apex
-add 1.5cm to the length.

Shouldn't be too difficult :) I hope so, at least. All this adjusting has made me realise why my first dress fit so badly! How did your first fitting attempt go?
More soon :)
Jellybean x
ps. sorry that I switch from inches to centimetres, I can't seem to stick to one!
pps. Dom is adjusting the pressure on the coffee machine so it brews the perfect shot of espresso. Its making me nervous! What if he breaks it?!

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