Saturday, 1 January 2011

Progress Report: M5731

I have traced off all but the back skirt piece, because its big and I can't be bothered to do it yet. I've also done all the alterations :) I added and inch and a half to the length, half an inch to the bust, and and inch and a half to the waist. Before I worked out how much I needed to add/take away, I added an extra inch to Ebony's measurements in the hope it'll fit her for longer. Fingers crossed it doesn't just make it too big.
I updated my measurements of both India and Ebony while I was home for Christmas, and I'm glad I did because they'd both grown quite a bit! And because I took both of their measurements, Ebony doesn't suspect a thing!
I'm going to order the fabric on Monday from Fabricland, along with muslin for me :) I'm excited to get started. I might do a test run in scraps to make sure my alterations fit together nicely while I wait for the fabric to be delivered. And I might do a practice short skirt, as I haven't gathered anything that long before.
Also, I'm on schedule with my first essay, I did 504/2000 words today! I plan on having it finished by Tuesday, and starting the next one on Wednesday. If I stay on schedule they'll be done by Sunday night ready to hand in on the Monday. Then on Monday I'll start the last one, ready for the next Monday. While doing these essays I'll also be working on the dress, so I'm gonna have to keep a tight schedule on the essays!
Jellybean x

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