Saturday, 29 January 2011

My first fabric splurge!

Ooh it feels good! :D I ordered fabrics to make 2 Beignet skirts and 2 Sencha blouses. Here's what I ordered:
Shell fabric for Beignet
Navy Klona Cotton
To be lined with
Royal blue Polycotton lining
I plan on wearing this with a Sencha blouse made from this:
Scarlet silk crepe
This colour combination is very daring for me! Hopefully I can pull it off :)
The second Beignet is to be made from:
Crimson Klona Cotton
Can you tell I like red? :) To be lined with
Pink polycotton lining
I plan on wearing this with a Sencha blouse made from this:
Black silk crepe
So what do you think? Am I crazy? Will these colour combinations work together?
I'm looking forward to the luxury of real silk! I like planning an outfit and then buying the fabrics for it. I think this is probably how I will always buy fabric, it means I never buy too much or too little, and will keep my fabric buying at a reasonable level. I don't plan on buying any more fabric until these outfits are sewn up. For one, that splurge cost £70 which is more than enough for one day (week/month! lol) and for another, I just don't have the room for a stash. This should last me a while, as I have to muslin these patterns first, but the second outfit should be quicker as I'll have already sewn a muslin and the real garments! :)
So what was your most recent fabric purchase? And how do you buy fabric? Do you buy as you need it, or do you have a stash that you add to when you want it?
Jellybean x


  1. These are great! I think they will go fantastically together (isn't buying fabric fun)? My most recent fabric purchase was another 1.5 meters of this beautiful lightweight wool because I messed up one pant leg of a pair of trousers with the same fabric (oops!). I buy both in a local store but also online. I am also starting to build a stash and it's so much fun :-)

  2. Thanks for your opinion, its made me feel better :) I'm still insure of myself when it comes to my sense of style, so I'm always second guessing myself. My OH is great at pointing out if something does or doesn't suit me (even though sometimes I could kill him for it!).
    Oh no! I hope it goes right the second time round :) I've yet to try trousers. I look forward to seeing your finished ones!
    Ashley x


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