Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Progress Report #4: M5731

As you can see, I've underlined the main bodice pieces! I decided to baste them on by hand as the satin is tricksy :) Look at the mess my fabric marker made of the front bodice piece! Its  good job its water soluble! This photo doesn't do justice to the colours, the dark red is gorgeous! I also put together the bodice lining.
That's pretty much as far as I got today. I've started adding the ribbon loops to the front bodice piece by hand, but it isn't finished yet. A lot of what I've done so far is hand sewing, as I had to hand-baste the mock french seams on the lining before I took it near the machine as the satin is so damn tricksy.
I'm enjoying taking this slow, and paying attention to notches, and taking the time to finish the inside properly :)
Hopefully, more tomorrow :)
Jellybean x

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