Sunday, 9 January 2011

Progress Report #3: M5731, and some thankyou's

Ok, so remember how I said at the end of this post that my essays were going well? Well, on Friday evening I had finished my social psychology essay, and had started my developmental psychology essay. So I thought, great! I was happily cutting out the pieces of the main fabric for Ebony's dress, when I got a text from my friend Emma asking how my safeguarding children essay was going. I replied that I hadn't started it yet, but I would start on Monday. When she replied I went into panic mode. She called me crazy because the essay was in for Monday! I said NO! The handbook says its in for the 17th! She said no, it was changed to the 10th. I thought no, she's wrong, she has to be wrong! But she was oh so right, I checked the online page that we were to submit it to, and it said the 10th. I carried on cutting out the remaining pieces, raging inside that I hadn't checked the submit date properly. I decided not to do any work that night, as I was too annoyed with myself and just wasn't in the mood. Emma sent another text, saying that it was a good job she texted me when she did! It certainly was!
So I would like to thank Emma very muchly for saving my bacon (theoretically speaking obviously, I'm vegetarian! lol).
So, all sewing activity halted. I finished my developmental essay yesterday, and only have about 600 words left to do on my safeguarding essay. I'm lucky, as this essay is submitted electronically, so I have until midnight tomorrow to finish it.
 So, I'm feeling much more cheery, as I'm almost done! I also got 2 more followers today, which also cheered me up a lot, as it does every time I've gotten a new follower :) so I'd like to say thank you to my followers too for cheering me up! :) I've also spent the day eyeing up the 10 metres of muslin that came with my Fabricland order. I'm excited to start working on something for myself, especially to the fitting process since I got Fit for real people! :)
So yes, not as much progress as I'd've liked, and a stressful weekend. But the silver lining is I'll be done with essays a week earlier, and will have a week to work on Ebony's dress without interruptions! :)
Hope you had a better weekend than I did.
Jellybean x


  1. You're welcome! :-D I'm at uni too but not on a course that has lots of essays thankfully! You handled it really well, I think I would have been wetting myself!

  2. Lucky you on the lack of essays! I'm jealous! lol. I live with my boyfriend, and he put things in perspective, told me I had plenty of time, and jokingly asked if I was going to be grumpy and stressed all weekend! x


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