Monday, 10 January 2011


Woohoo! I managed it! All of my essays are done and submitted :D phew! It's such a relief.
When everything was submitted we went into town so I could visit the haberdashery stall. I picked up some extra strong thread so the thread doesn't snap when I gather that huge skirt. I also picked up some gross grain ribbon to use a waist stay, as the skirt might make the bodice sag, and I obviously don't want that. I also picked up some satin bias binding to enclose the waist seam and armhole seams with. I don't want that waist seam with all that gathering to be itchy on Ebony's little tummy :) Oh and I picked up some decent hand sewing needles! I'm sick of cheapy ones that bend all the time.
I've also decided to do french seams and mock french seams on the curved seams, as the satin frays like crazy, and I don't have an overlocker. It'll also make the seams a bit stronger. Oh, and I've also decided to underline the bodice in muslin as an extra precaution against the skirt making it sag, and also to give it a bit more body. All of these things are new to me, so I'm going to take my time and do my best :)
Jellybean x


  1. Well done on getting your essay completed! Your skirt sounds lovely, can't wait to see the finished product :-)

  2. Thanks :) It's a dress, but not for me. Its the first garment I've made for someone else, and as it's for my little sisters 6th birthday I don't want it to fall apart and lose it's shape! hopefully all my hard work will be worth it, and she'll love it! :) xxx

  3. well done in getting your assignments done :-)


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