Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Progress Report #5: M5731 - Finished!

I finished it just in time to catch the 3.30 train home! She loves it, and it fits perfectly :)
Here are some pics of it during construction, and of course when its finished. I don't have any pics of Ebony wearing it yet, but hope to get some tomorrow.
Close up of the ribbon loops for the corsety bit, hand basted.
The main bodice
The main bodice, all nice and underlined. Seams are finished using mock french seams.
The main bodice, you can see that the underlining gave it more body than the lining.
I love the cute puffed sleeves!

The sleeve seam, I used bias binding to bind it so it doesn't itch or fray.
The skirt attached. The basic dress is done. But what's a princess dress without frill and trim?!
Ta-daaa!! So cute! :)
A close up.
The back.
The inside of the front.
The inside of the back.
That's a lot of pictures! I had meant to blog about it as I went along so you didn't have to look through loads of pictures at once, but I ended up not having time, I finished it only half an hour before we had to leave to catch the train!
I'm happy to say that this is the first garment that I am proud of (hence why this is the first garment that I have showed pics of! Though I'm going to try and post pics of the things I didn't do well on too). I took no short cuts, and feel like I actually constructed it, instead of just sewing bits of fabric together. It's shown me that I can do it, and that my sewing machine is perfectly adequate (though of course I still want another one! lol). I even did a waist stay! Though its hidden under the lining, I forgot to take pics of that.
This has also shown me how much I have learnt since I last made a garment. I'm a member of The Sewing Forum, and I've learnt so much from these wonderful, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable (. . .I could go on! They're all lovely) people, I just hope I can give a bit back one day :) And of course all you lovely bloggers, who are so generous with your experiences and tips and tutorials. Thank you to you all!
Tomorrow, I am going to start working on a new pattern that I bought specifically because it had darts in the right places for the simplest FBA in Fit for real people. Wish me luck! I'll try and post pics as I go along.
Jellybean x
ps. as always, you can click the pics for a closer look!


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