Sunday, 23 January 2011

Troubles with darts

I messed around with the darts on the bodice for ages, before I realised they were too low! Being too low was making the ends pucker which I put down to my bad sewing, but as soon as I moved them up, they were fine and fit beautifully :) I had forgotten that the FBA lowered the darts. Next time, I'll remember and will try moving the darts up before messing with the length. This is a lesson to mark the apex of your bust properly! I had marked mine too low when I was tissue fitting without realising, and didn't think to try remarking it in fabric *sigh* I guess this will make sure I remember in the future. Sorry, still no pictures, can't find my white cami. 
Now to make the skirt fit my fat ass! lol
Oh, and I just realised that I haven't told you what pattern I'm using! It's a Butterick 'Retro' pattern, B5032. I chose this one as it had all the darts in the right place to do what looked like the simplest FBA in the Fit for real people book.And I liked the dress obviously :)
I still can't believe that it actually fits. It fits!! Did I mention it fits?? :D
Jellybean x


  1. Ooo lve got that pattern! Can't wait to see the finished article!

  2. have you made it? I'd love to see a finished one, it isn't on pattern
    Hmm, should hopefully get the skirt fitted this week! Its very strange having a bodice that isn't straining across my chest. Strange in a good way :)
    Haven't decided what to make it in yet, I don't have a stash, so I get to pick something especially for it :)
    Ashley x


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