Thursday, 6 January 2011

Progress Report #2: M5731

 I finally got round to tracing that last piece! I've also done a practice of the bodice :) I wanted to practice the corset/lacing effect, and I'm glad I did. I couldn't get the cross of the ribbons to sit in the middle :( I also set in the sleeves, which was a pain, as the armholes didn't fit around the free arm on my machine. And when I tried to attach the lower sleeves it didn't match up! I got frustrated and took the easy way out. I cut a strip of fabric and simply gathered it onto the sleeve. The one on the left is only 14 inches long, and the one on the right is 25 inches long. I prefer the one on the right :) I'm not sure how long I'll make them yet, or if I'll but some lace to do it in like the pattern suggests.

 So as I said, I wasn't happy with the ribbon. Dom had a great idea, and suggested I sew little loops of ribbon into the seam, and use these to lace it up! I think it looks great! And much easier to get in the right place :)

And a close up.
One of the things I kept thinking was, these pieces are so small! I've only ever sewn for myself before, so its strange to be using such small pieces, and not being able to try it on as I go.
Also Fit for real people came! I spent yesterday reading through it, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's very well explained, and I loved that it takes you through the alterations for people from start to finish :) I can't wait to try what I've learnt.
I ordered the fabric for Ebony's dress yesterday morning from Fabricland. I've never ordered by phone before, so was a little nervous. The bloke I spoke to was very friendly and put me right at ease. An hour after I placed my order I got a call from them asking me to confirm the colour of muslin I ordered, it was nice to know they don't just chuck any old thing in. They were a pleasure to deal with, and I love that they're a family run business too :) And the best thing? My fabric arrived this morning! The cuts are generous which is appreciated and it was all packaged well. I can't wait to get fitting with the muslin and Fit for real people! :)
The fabric for Ebony's dress is a lovely colour! The cherry colour is a bit more red than I was expecting, but I love it and it looks lovely with the pale pink :)
I might cut out the fabric later.
Jellybean x

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